6 Reasons to Get a Tapestry

July 26, 2019


We believe that everyone should be able to live with art, an opportunity afforded to all. At TapArt, we work with really cool graphic designers and illustrators from across the globe to make walls more fun. 

Here’s how you could benefit from using our services:

1. Cover Big Spaces

A tapestry exudes color and detail. They are a statement piece—a conversation starter. An excellent addition to any space.

2. Affordable

Tapestries represent huge value for money. Paying to have a wall decorated any other way is much more expensive than purchasing and hanging a tapestry. We reproduce designs to ensure wall art is affordable for everyone.

3. Your landlord won't be pissed

If you rent, it can be difficult to personalize your space. Tapestries are so easy to place on the wall, and the space instantly feels more you. A wise investment if you move frequently.
Check out this blog post to find the ways to hang a tapestry- https://thetapart.com/blogs/news/how-to-hang-a-tapestry

4. Create the illusion of space

Tapestries open up the room and make it feel larger. They add depth and dimension and beg to be the focal point of a room.

5. Tapestries Don’t Only belong on Walls 

A wall tapestry can just as easily be used as a throw over furniture., or as curtains in a room that needs to be sectioned into two. It could also be your selfie background!

6. Make your house a home 

Having something on your wall that you connect with, refreshes your spirit. Tapestries you’ve owned for a while are like old friends. Simply pulling out your tapestry and putting them up can make any space, no matter where you are, feel like home. 
Check out our collection and find the piece that's perfect for you!

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