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Artist Payment Process

June 04, 2019

1. When you are completing your profile, make sure you add your PayPal username in the Artist Dashboard.

You will be paid via direct deposit through:

  • A verified PayPal account. Restrictions may apply to some countries.

2. Upload your work (which must be published and approved to appear as a product)!

Look out for the “You’ve Made a Sale!” email, which will include details on what sold, at what price, and what your cut is.

You can view every sale you’ve ever made in your Dashboard under Sales.

Check for the Orders in your Dashboard. Each confirmed sale will say ‘To Be Paid’ or ‘Paid’.

Self-purchases will not appear in your sales history and you won’t receive any sales or manufacturing emails.

 The official pay cycle begins every 15th of the month. Artists will not be paid early. Orders that have been canceled before shipment, do not get paid out at all.

When funds are being transferred to a PayPal account, one has to wait up to 5-7 business days respectively.

If you’ve waited the allotted time and still have not received your funds, feel free to get in touch with our customer service team at We’ll be pleased to help. 

If you haven’t received your payment as expected, then;

-Please double-check that the payment details you have provided are correct.  

Payments that were sent to an invalid bank or PayPal account will be returned to us and the payment will be reprocessed in our next cycle. Spelling mistakes can be corrected in the artist banking information/payment details section.

If PayPal or your bank returns your funds to us, we will block future payments until you update your PayPal or bank details. If an update is not required, please contact the Artist Experience Team to manually cancel your payment block.

If you've confirmed your payment information is correct, and you still have not been paid, you can always contact us
at or reply to a sales notification email.

For a speedy investigation, please include the following when you submit your help request:

  • Your account username.

  • Confirmation that you have received both the sales notification email and the manufacturing receipt email for the sale/s in question.

  • The individual sales numbers that you feel you have not been paid for.

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