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How to hang a tapestry

June 04, 2019

If you’re looking for a way to decorate your bare walls, but don’t want to do the typical gallery wall, we at TapArt are here to help.

These artful pieces add color, texture, and pattern to space, whether you hang them over the sofa, or behind the bed to serve as a bold headboard alternative. Not sure how to get your new fabric held up against the wall? We’ve gathered ideas to show you how to hang a tapestry anywhere, including in rental spaces where the walls need to remain pristine.

Get inspired to find your perfect tapestry and add some life to your walls.


Use Nails or Pushpins

The easiest way to hang a tapestry? Use nails or pushpins. (No unsightly thumbtacks, please!) This method works well with larger weaves; otherwise, it may result in holes in the piece. Hang by the corners for a casual drape or attach with a row of nails spread across the top of the piece for a straight look.

Command  Strips

Command strips are one of the cheapest and the easiest ways to hang a tapestry. Use 4-8 strips along the top depending on the size of the tapestry. Stick it up against any desired flat surface. It won't leave the slightest mark on your wall.

Using Clothespins and Command strips

Stick a clothespin to one side of each command strip. Clip the clothespin to the tapestry, then stick the other side of the command strip to the wall. These strips look like tabs of double-sided tape.

If you are using small, craft clothespins, you will likely have to cut the Command Strips in half lengthwise to fit them onto the pins.

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