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Promoting Your Artwork

November 10, 2020

An Artist in 2020 needs to be equipped with a wide variety of skills in order to successfully build their brand. While TapArt can handle areas like order-fulfillment and customer service, it is still up to the Artists to fully leverage and grow their social media channels to promote their work. In this guide we're going to help you figure out some of the best practices to ensure that you have the best experience working with TapArt (and make a lot of money). 

1) Link in Bio:

By adding a link to your TapArt profile on your social media bios, you can lead your most engaged audiences to shop your designs! Since your followers on social media already know you and your artwork well, this is the audience that is easiest to convert into sales.

Use a URL Shortener service like or to post the link to your TapArt profile on your bio. This will also help you track click-throughs

2) Sharing posts and stories:

By regularly sharing stories and posts about your work being available on TapArt, you are able to create more sales for yourself. Follow TapArt on Instagram and Pinterest to know when we're posting your artwork on our social media. 

Creating mockups of your design being used as a canvas/art print in an actual home will also inspire your followers to buy your designs.

3) Share your press mentions and special videos with TapArt:

At TapArt, we focus on educating our customers about the artwork and the artist before they buy. Whenever you are mentioned in the press/popular media, your work is recognized, or if you've just created a video talking about your passions and interests, please do share them with us. 

We'll make sure to add these mentions to your profile on TapArt and post on our social media. We truly stand by our artists and we're definitely here to showcase your talents to a wider audience.


As wonderful as the online world can be, there are still a lot of tricky waters to navigate to successfully build your brand. While TapArt takes care of the heavy-lifting for you, we could definitely use your help in driving traffic to your profiles on TapArt. Your already existing social media followers are your most engaged audience, and possess the highest likelihood of buying from you. We wouldn't want your amazing followers to miss out on your designs or the quality prints that TapArt provides. 




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