Sweet Addiction

Arun JayaPrakash



An introspective piece that explores the artist's problematic relationship with addiction. It is an essentially human tendency to be addicted, be it people, places, or the usual inebriating toxicity. The condition being addicted is a battle between heart and brain, impulse and prudence, tugging at each other to no avail.

We know that its not good for us, but we still do it and end up regretting it. This piece is illusory of the bittersweet aesthetic of addiction. Therefore called, sweet addiction.

Designed by Arun JayaPrakash. By challenging stereotypes and expanding boundaries, Arun’s unique artistic vision focuses on the vortex of life, embracing the spiritual and imaginary world. His compelling compositions represent our lives, synthesizing both the mundane as well as the exciting world we live in.  He chooses calm colors to depict and capture the fickle nature of fantasies, whims, and reveries, we so often deem as reality.

Artist Instagram: Arun JayaPrakash


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