Arun JayaPrakash


This piece deals with the issue of social media addiction.

Likes, reshares, and upvotes are the new age psychedelics. On receiving it, the user receives a tantric state of self-esteem, which is temporary at the best. The frivolity of social media validation is the most hurtful thing.

It brings you up just the same way it brings you down. After a point, our happiness and mental health depend on the kind of validation we get from social media. This piece acts as a symbol of the addictive influence of social media in our generation.

Designed by Arun JayaPrakash. By challenging stereotypes and expanding boundaries, Arun’s unique artistic vision focuses on the vortex of life, embracing the spiritual and imaginary world. His compelling compositions represent our lives, synthesizing both the mundane as well as the exciting world we live in.  He chooses calm colors to depict and capture the fickle nature of fantasies, whims, and reveries, we so often deem as reality.

Artist Instagram: Arun JayaPrakash


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