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TapArt is an online marketplace of artists. We curate artwork from talented digital artists globally and bring their designs to your door, ready to hang.

We empower independent artists by connecting them to new audiences, sourcing their designs as products, and fulfillment of their orders, so they can focus on what they do best- creating artwork. 

Our mission is to serve as a platform for Independent artists to creatively express themselves and connect them to an audience that wants to fill up their walls with high quality, unique artwork.


How it all started

While shopping to personalize their new apartment, our founder and his friends were on the hunt for wall decor. They wanted to cover up their walls with high quality graphic designs by some of the popular illustrators they followed on social media. But there was not a single place which offered unique and modern designs by up and coming artists.

So they scratched their own itch to build it. The first marketplace of graphic designers for wall art products exclusively. A place where you can get to know the artist behind each design and follow the artist's social profiles. Through a wide collection of illustrations, typography, and psychedelic designs we want to make it easy to put up cool graphic artwork on your wall without breaking the bank. Join a design marketplace where you support an emerging independent artist with each purchase.






Happy Customers






The people that

Make it happen

Srikaran Masabathula

Founder and CEO

Sri is a business graduate, among the top of his class. He holds several marketing certifications, is a well sought after web-designer,  and his most recent experience includes teaching SEO, SEM for Columbia University in New York. The guy who makes things happen for us.

Utsah Pandey

Artist Manager

Utsah is a visual designer, who works with new artists everyday and curates artwork on our platform. Her fine art background makes her challenge the conventional way of design thinking, and her amicable nature ensures the artists on our platform, that we always stand by them.

Preeti Sahu

Social Media

Preeti holds an MBA in marketing  from NYC and several other certifications from Columbia Business School, Digital Marketer. Her previous experiences leading the media team, working for Walt Disney, Conde Nast, have given her the skills and experiences necessary to execute successful social media campaigns at scale. 

Yaw Owusu

Art Director

Yaw is one of the big names in Ghana's art scene. A contemporary artist, Yaw enjoys working with metals and coins. He holds an MFA from Pratt Institute, New York, and some of his notable features include Ozy, Sotheby's.