We are a global social enterprise, creating exponential impact through "economies in a box", by rapidly scaling (CARBON Copies) proven solutions for the betterment of humanity.

In the sustainability journey, there's a huge growth in all-round activity

100 Million+

Sustainability action-oriented people


Working Solutions


Organized entities driving sustainability initiatives

$30T +

Funds to influence sustainability journey

It is also clear that the delta continues to widen at a faster pace.

Just in a 3-year span, we experienced numerous once in a 100-years severity events in all environmental domains- wildfires (Australia and California), droughts (in S Africa), hurricanes (Caribbean Islands/PR).

Rapidly wiping out hundreds of major species- 90% of Great White Sharks have disappeared from the Cuban reef system (the largest in Caribbean); Polar bears unlikely to be around in another three decades.

Food & Hunger- Number of undernourished and below poverty-line, after going down for decades, has been climbing back up last few years.

Economic Inequity- Top 50 people have more than 50% of world's wealth, while 60% are below poverty line. 80% of kids in Africa don't have access to acceptable educational standard schools.

Any efforts to bridge the delta must overcome current key structural barriers

Our Solution

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More about what we do.


More about what we do.


More about what we do.

The Team

Ratan Agarwal

Managing Partner

Shane Veramallay

Managing Partner


Managing Partner

Jake Chagoury

Partner and General Counsel

Kweku Mandela


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