Frida Kahlo

Muhammad Sajid


A bold and intriguing portrait of Frida Kahlo, famed Mexican Artist, that bringing vibrance and eccentricity to your space. 

The magnificent detail creates a realistic image, while the saturated colors add a touch of surrealism.

This Frida Kahlo Artwork integrates the Mexican Artist's surrealist style with modern pop art. Her iconic face takes center stage. 

Allow yourself to vanish into a preprocessing color-filled artwork with artist Muhammad Sajid. With a degree from the College of Fine Arts, India, he finds himself constantly drawing and sketching. His illustrations always feature bright joyful palettes while the styles range from geometric architectural renderings to insightful character portraits. Muhammad defines a fragmented reality of landscape abstraction and natural beauty in this exquisite personal practice. His dream-like illustrations have led to his collaborations with clients like Google, Nike, among many others.

Artist Instagram: @muhammedsajid.n


Each design on TapArt is carefully curated and only 50 pieces of each design are ever made.

Once the limit is reached, the piece is discontinued. 

Get the piece that talks to you, before it runs out.

Every Purchase Pays the Artist.

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