O Amor

Felipe Cavalcanti


Love that survives periods of chaos- is one that lasts forever. 

Love will help you overcome all barriers of life and fill you with an abundance of positive spirit.

Designed by Felipe Cavalcanti, a Brazilian lettering artist, and Illustrator. Felipe discovered lettering years ago when he was in college. He’s had a passion for it ever since and is even more interested in vintage lettering now. He’s currently a freehand graphic designer, but has painted some murals and is getting into sign painting. 

His work portrays typography, textures, colors, and most of all, the compositions he crafts together. 

Artist Instagram: @felippecavalcanti


Each design on TapArt is carefully curated and only 50 pieces of each design are ever made.

Once the limit is reached, the piece is discontinued. 

Get the piece that talks to you, before it runs out.

Every Purchase Pays the Artist.

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