Tribe Mask

Daniel Stevens

Feel the power of the “Tribe”, through this monochromatic design.

Designed by Daniel Stevens from New York. Daniel has always had a passion for drawing and designing, cartoons and comics.

Artist Instagram: @das_design

Cloth Mask. Reusable, Pleated. 

Rounded woven ear loop elastic for comfort.

Built-in pocket lets you add your own filter.

Free Shipping Across the US. Delivered in 10-15 Days*

* We're doing our absolute best to keep fulfilling your orders while making sure safety standards are being maintained.

Disclaimer: Our masks are not meant to replace N95 Masks. According to the CDC, simple cotton masks can help reduce the risk of virus transmission, while reducing the supply strain of the N95 and surgical masks needed for our healthcare workers at highest risk. Our cotton masks are not a medical-grade substitute for the N95 mask, but our design of masks has a small opening on the side for the ability to insert a HEPA filter if you so choose.


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