Trump Card

Divin Creador


A graphic design that unifies purple shades, geometric effects, and illusions. 

A powerful design that can turn your space around!

Designed by Divin Creador, a digital artist based in Spain. Divin’s art is a vision of reality through the prism of abstraction, illusion, and geometry. Creating balance and harmony from symmetrical repetitions, a build-up of layers, and techniques of visual illusion such as trump card, his multi-layered patterned compositions produce a poetic rhythm that plays with the viewer's perception and the (multiple) possibilities of interpretation.

Artist Instagram: @divin-creador

Collections: All, Divin Creador, Psychedelic


Each design on TapArt is carefully curated and only 50 pieces of each design are ever made.

Once the limit is reached, the piece is discontinued. 

Get the piece that talks to you, before it runs out.

Every Purchase Pays the Artist.

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